Range Report

Went to the range this weekend With my buddy Tony. We ran into TBOLT there as well

It was seriously crowded. We had about an hour wait.

I am finally getting used to my Glock 26. As you can see from the target, I have either dialed it in or it has broken in now. I have about 200 rounds though it so far.

The Glock 26 works with mags from my Glock 17 and even the 33 round mags.

In the lane next to us there was a guy rocking some full auto. He had an MP5, an M4 and was what looked like an HK91 (.308). He also had a suppressed full auto M4 SBR (.223).

The guy had really good muzzle control. We were on a 50 yard indoor range. At that distance, muzzle rise could have gotten into the ceiling easily, but never did. He burned through a ton of ammo. I believe he was an off duty police officer. Fun stuff.

--I need to renew my membership this month!

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