Random Tuesday

I didn't watch the debate. I do not believe that the debates will change any minds.

I am starting to believe Trump will win for the same reasons President Obama won. He is the least establishment candidate. Hillary is clearly a career politician. The same reason Bernie was so popular. It was also a mistake for her to wear red.

I also think Trump would be way more fun for late night TV comedians. Plus the media would start doing it's job again as a watchdog.

In completely unrelated news, nothing to do with the pending Zombie Apocalypse, I got a new AR15 upper yesterday. More on that later.

More killings by Radical Islam. Media says nothing to see here. Go watch Dancing with the Stars.

The deficit is about to hot $20 Trillion. Nothing to see here either.

--Off to work. I have taxes to pay.

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Old NFO said...

It was 90 minutes I'll never get back... sigh