Guns in Fiction

I read another novel this week written by someone that did not know anything about guns.


Glocks don't have thumb safeties kind of mistakes. Clips vs Mags verbiage kind of things.

I am working on the outline for my 5th novel. It is Scifi but will take place in 2016 in Richmond VA. One of the main characters will carry a Beretta 92FS. The descriptions of the gun, it's utility, and why she carries it will all be detailed. There will be suppressed .300 Blackout AR-15s in the story and other guns.

All will get the details right. (I Hope) Mostly because I own them...

In the mean time, read these! Click the image!



Old NFO said...

I did, where's the fourth one??? :-D

JB Miller said...

I expect it's a release before the end of 2016!