Gun Dreams

It has been a while since I've had a dream about guns.

I was moving through the night in a leap frogging escape and evade kind of thing with two other people.

I realized eventually that the other two were women. We all had tactical vests and light packs.

The other two carried AR15s on single point slings. I was carrying my Saiga 12 gauge with the 30 round drum. I remember thinking that I was surprised it was not heavy. I must have been a younger, stronger version of me.

We were moving through an overgrown, ruin of a cemetery. Cemeteries and ruins always play in my dreams. We knew where we were going. We could hear voices in the woods of people that were outside the fence.

We entered a large mausoleum. Once inside we closed the door and it was complete darkness. We activated tac lights on the AR15s and went down a wide set of marble stairs that led to a vast shelter...

--Then I woke up. I guess I need a light on my AR.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, might be a hint there... :-)