Random Monday

Well it's another Monday and I am running dry on blog fodder.

The Powerball lotto is up to $1.3 Billion. The 'what if I won?' dream list of guns I would buy has been simplified to ALL. If you had that much cash I would be buying gun stores, security firms, and secure compounds.

All our Christmas decorations are down now. The house seems much bigger inside.

This is the first 5 day work week for me since Thanksgiving week! Oh the Humanity!

I may go see Star Wars again this week in IMAX 3D.

I hope to finish up the first draft of my next novel this week.

They just said there is an Arctic Chill headed this way. I'm ready. I have a Ka-Bar ice scraper!

--Need more coffee...

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Old NFO said...

Coffee = GOOD! :-)