All .40s

Beretta Cx4
Went to the range last night and dusted off some guns that have not been fired in over a year.

I took .40 stuff for an easy shoot.

All my .40s are Berettas.

I took the following:
  • 96D
  • Px4
  • Cx4
The Px4 and Cx4 take the same magazines. Very handy.

I was on the 50yard range and the Cx4 with an EOTech is a tack driver. The trigger on the thing need some work though. I have been shooting a lot of guns recently that have triggers smooth as butter.

--Very relaxing hour.

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Old NFO said...

Range time is good time! And the more practice you get the more you can really feel the difference in various triggers. There are folks who can work on those triggers for you! :-)