My Favorite AR-15

I have a couple AR-15s configured in different ways.

The one in the photo is my current favorite. I decided I needed one that was configured to be as light as possible.

It is simple, accurate, clean, no batteries required and very light. On a single point sling it is very comfy.

Even with the suppressor it is my lightest AR-15.

--Best of all, it is super reliable.

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abnormalist said...

I have to ask, what do you define as super light?

Reason I am asking is I have one AR, design intention was to be light weight, handy, reliable, and with extra emphasis on ergonomics.

Its a palmetto state armory sourced build, light profile mid length stainless barrel, standard upper and lower, no rails, Magpul MOE gear (hanguard, pistol grip, stock, trigger guard) and a light scope Burris fullfiled II 2-7x32.

No miles and miles of rail, no lights lasers etc, light profile barrel, and she still weighs in at just north of 7lbs with an empty Pmag...

I was really hoping for something in the 6lb range, but it eluded me while keeping a light magnified optic...