Boats and Guns

My brother and I went and looked at a sail boat he is considering buying. This one was a 27 foot Catalina. Nice condition too. I think he will make an offer.

The topic of Boat Guns came up and is why if he buys the boat he intends to register and moor to boat in Virginia in stead of Maryland.

But what kind of gun would be good on a boat? For defense? Survival? For fun?

I think he will need a handgun like a stainless S&W 629, a shotgun like a stainless Mossberg 500 Mariner, and a rifle. Still the standard 3 gun system.

What features are good to have in a boat gun? What about accessories?

The first thing that comes to mind is stainless steel guns. Much easier to care for. Less likely to corrode. Also a bit more expensive. I have seen stainless handguns of all kinds as will as shotguns. But not to many all stainless AR15s or AR10s. (AR10 is way better for pirates)

I have seen several water tight containers for firearms.  Combined with a moisture collection packet or even a cloth bag of rice, guns can stay dry. I have seen nice designs for PVC pipe, waterproof, floating containers.

Oh, I'd also toss in a Henry Arms AR-7 that stows in it's own waterproof stock! The whole think floats.

--What else would make a good Boat Gun?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

If the boat is in the Potomac River then the boat is in Maryland.

JB Miller said...

Yes. We know. It's amazing the nauticle maps you can get on a smart phone. There are VA marinas in Woodbridge and other tributaries.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Hemingway talked about the Bogart character in To Have and Have Not having a Tommy Gun on the boat.

I think it was that book...

Anyway, the submachinegun was stored in a sheep skin case, fleece inside, and it was well oiled for corrosion resistance. The fleece was.

Probably prescibed for gun storage in the house, too, there in the Keys. That salt air is murder on metal.

Sport Pilot said...

Define the parameters is it a recreational gun(s) set up or defensive? Me? I'd stash a NEF Pardner 12 ga break top in a dry bag with a .22LR rifled insert somewhere safe on the boat and call it a day. As to handguns a SP101 or GP100 are hard to beat for the money.

Old NFO said...

Definitely the Mossy, AR7 and choice of pistol is up to him. Pelican cases with desiccant will work. We kept a Mossy on our boat for four years without it rusting, just make sure to change the bags about every three months.

abnormalist said...

I agree with the mossy... its tough to beat for its overall firepower and versitility.

Otherwise the rossi lever guns in 357/44 mag are fairly cheap to get in stainless, and awfully nice to shoot these days. 10 rounds of some serious heat that you can top off easily enough, fast ROF, accurate, simple and legal in most jurisdictions since the magazine is not removable.

Also easier on a jury when its a "cowboy" gun rather than a scary black rifle.

Stretch said...

Stainless Mini-14 for the rifle.

Second the 625. Love mine.

Geodkyt said...

Heck, a standard AR15 with a stainless barrel, and a chromed or NP3 BCG would be a good choice. The aluminum receivers will be fine.

However, the Mossy Mariner has a huge advantage in that buckshot has enough spread to help offset the rocking of the boat, and it is far more aerodynamically ineffcient for misses than 5.56mmm, so the downrange danger space is smaller. Plus, a shotgun that isn't pimped out is a "Fudd Gun" and less likely to raise eyebrows much.