Zombie Apocalyse Vehicle

Add a few gun ports and this Bug Out Vehicle will be ready for the apocalyse.

It looks like it has plenty of clearance to plow it's way through hoards of the un-dead.

I love it that people in the world have such awesome hobbies!

--I wonder what kind of milage it gets!


Chaplain Tim said...

That front pumpkin looks a lot like the one on my M35A2 Duece. The picture is reversed, the fuel tank is on the right side. Looks like they deleted the duals on the rear axles.
Mine gets about 6-8 mpg on diesel, I haven't checked mileage on the various other things it will burn.

ZerCool said...

"Damnation Alley", anyone?

Tim D said...

The picture isn't reversed, the chassis is from an M939 series 5 ton. Now they just need to get it past the photoshop stage.