Sales are up

I went to the range at Clark Brothers last weekend with TBolt to air out my freshly built .300 Blackout SBR. Here are a few observations:

.300 Blackout SBR
  • My gas block is correctly aligned!
  • They had ammo (2 box limit)
  • I needed more lube, lots more
  • It took 20 rounds to get the new scope on the paper
  • No crowd at the range
  • Packed in the store, lines of people buying guns
  • No .22LR at all
I took along my suppressed 10/22 to check on the scope to make sure it was good in case any evil squirrels needed killin. It is on. Love that thing.

There was a guy in the next lane over that bought a new 10/22  that was sighting it in. They gave him one box of ammo. He was having a great time so I gave him a hundred rounds of mine in a random act of kindness.

--It was a good day all around.  


Old NFO said...

Thanks for sharing!!! :-)

HK holster said...

That's so nice of you! Good day it was. Thanks for sharing.