Remington Model R-25

Remington has a new AR-10 style rig that comes in .243, 7mm-08 or .308.

They put this rig together with the hunter in mind as well as people preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. The new R-25 modular repeating rifle boasts the most advanced design aspects of AR 308 Win. style rifles available today.

For peak accuracy, the R-25 features a precision-crafted 20 inch barrel with recessed hunting crown that’s free-floated within a machined-aluminum fore-end tube for the ultimate in shot-to-shot consistency. Six longitudinal flutes forward of the gas block provide increased rigidity and weight reduction while promoting rapid barrel cooling.

It comes with a 4 round magazine so it can be used as a hunting rifle. Picitinny rails make scopes and other accessories a breeze to attach.

The R-25 is also compatible with standard DMPS high capacity mags.

--MSRP is now about $1500. We will see how long that lasts in todays market.


earl said...

My first impression at the range with my brand new R-25 was disappointing. My son and I had bought 250 rounds of Brown Bear .308 cartridges to spend and the rifle wouldn’t pop the primer! It just dented the primers. A borrowed M1 fired the Brown Bear cartridges fine, and the R-25 fired American made ammo. The hammer spring seems very weak (anecdotal admittedly). A Remington authorized gunsmith said the hammer won’t work on thicker primers. Remington stated that they purposefully chambered the rifle NOT TO ACCEPT NATO AMMO. Why is it a $1500 rifle can’t fire these rounds?

I’m selling it and waiting for a Armorlite.

John said...

Hi Earl,

If you'd like to sell it, post some contact info for me.