I Love Virginia

I Live in Northern Virginia. VA is a great state for shooting enthusiasts.

It is a "Shall Issue" state for concealed carry permits. All you have to do is take an approved class, fill out the forms and you are ready to go (armed). Click on the map and see some animation to show you how the sates have progressed. This is one reason the crime rate is so low. Right across the river in DC there are 400-500 murders a year. Only 19 soldiers died in all of Iraq in May. Sheesh.

It is a great state if you are a hunter also. A single hunter is allowed to take 180 deer per year. Yes. That's correct, 2 per day for 90 days total. The deer population is out of control. There are not enough hunters any more. I might even try hunting with my crossbow next season!

In VA you can buy any gun you like. Full Auto, Silencers, .50 cal, anything. I have seen water cooled, full auto, belt fed, .50 cal machine guns with jeep mount tripods for sale. There are lots of indoor and outdoor ranges and clubs where you can shoot. Great gun shows.

--And you can still buy guns at Wal-Mart.

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